Treating Varicose Veins With The Help Of A Vascular Vein Center

Are you conscious about your varicose veins? Or do you feel pain every once in a while because of them? While a lot of people might not mind having varicose veins, some people might also experience throbbing or swelling because of this condition. Even though they are not dangerous, you should still find out how you can fight them and what causes them to prevent even more from appearing on your legs!

The Cause

Varicose veins are the weakened valves that make appear purple in your legs. The main causes behind this condition are pregnancy, puberty, genetically weak vein valves, menopause, and birth control pills. The previously mentioned factors are some of the reasons why your vein valves might be weak.

The Treatment

Treating varicose veins is now easier than those of the previous years. There are various ways that you can use and one of the simplest ones are compression stockings. However, you should not use this immediately because tests carried out by professionals is still a must before you use them for your condition. This special kind of stockings will improve the circulation in your legs.

However, when you notice that your varicose are not simple anymore, you might ask a specialist to check up on your varicose veins so you’ll get recommendations from the expert. A vascular vein center can help you find the right specialist as well as the right treatment for you.

One of the treatments that you may encounter for your treatment is Endothermal Ablation. High-frequency radio waves are used to seal the veins that are affected. Radiofrequency ablation will heat the walls of the affected vein and seal it. Remember that your doctor might require you to wear compression stockings after the ablation.

If you are brave and are not scared of injections, foam sclerotherapy is also another way of removing your varicose veins. The process involves having an injection in order to let a special foam get inside your veins. This special foam will help shut your varicose. But you have to keep in mind that this process has side effects and you should be ready to face them. Headaches, back pain, and blood clots so get yourself ready.

Varicose veins might not be given much attention to, but eliminating them in your body will help you achieve that flawless skin that you want to have. So go to a vascular vein center now to get a consultation and achieve the best results of these treatments.

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