Getting Dental Implants Rockville Maryland

Everyone deserves to have a confident smile. Whether people want to accept it or not, the state of a person’s mouth is something that speaks to overall health. This is also why people don’t want unnecessary gaps between their teeth. One of the best solutions in terms of closing these gaps is by getting dental implants Rockville Maryland. It’s permanent, looks completely natural, and it gives you the confidence you need to smile again.

How Dental Implants Process WorksDental Implants Rockville Maryland

The first thing that needs to happen is a consultation. This is done at the dentist, who will assess your needs in terms of price and whether implants is the best choice.

In rare cases it’s more difficult to get implants, because there has to be sufficient bone within the jaw. When a tooth is pulled the bone gradually diminishes, making implants slightly more complex (explained in more detail below). If this is this case there is a possibility that bone grafting can be done, but this should be discussed with a professional.

Once the arrangements have been made and you qualify the procedure can get underway.

Dental Implant Procedure

First of all, the implants are done within the dentist’s office. There’s no need to go the hospital, unless it’s recommended by your dentist.

The first part of the procedure will consist of screws getting implanted. These screws are made of titanium and they are completely safe where they are placed. After the screws are placed there is a waiting period. Within this period the screw has to mend with the jaw. When the bonding is successful the dentist will continue with the crowns.

Crowns are placed on the foundation of the screw, which is slightly hidden underneath the gum-line. What the crown is made of depends on you and your dentist. Plus, the crowns will match your other teeth perfectly.

How Long Do They Last?

Getting dental implants Rockville Maryland is like getting a new permanent tooth. If it’s taken care of like a regular tooth, it can last well past 20 years.

Of course there is the issue of money, because implants are more expensive than other options. However, if approached with a long-term perspective then implants will probably save you more than you’ll spend.

As mentioned earlier, they don’t interfere with your daily life, they look great, and you never have to be scared of smiling again.

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