All About Safe Lip Injections in Vancouver, BC

Lip injections in Vancouver, BC is an aesthetic method that gives a person complete and desirable lips! It is also called lip augmentation. The process includes injecting a filler in the lips and around the mouth. There are many kinds of fillers used to inject lips, but are they safe?

Dermal Fillers

Collagen and fat injections were once popular dermal fillers. They are also used as implants to make lips look plumper. These fillers usually have side effects and are not a great choice for such. 

The best (and most common) fillers are stuff that contains substances found in the human body. An excellent example is a hyaluronic acid. It is more reliable and safe and has longer-lasting results. It can develop the look of your lips by adding form, structure, and volume. It typically lasts around six months. 

Benefits of using Hyaluronic acid

Once injected, this filler reinforces and shapes the tissues of the lips. The amount of substance injected can be controlled so that the doctor can control lip volume better. Each dose is given gradually at different sessions until it attains the expected results. The bumps on your lips also easily dissolve. There is less bruising and enlargement. 

Allergic Reactions

These fillers have the same substances found in your bodies, so allergic reactions are less likely to happen.

Although safe, some people have an allergic reaction to certain local anesthetics, like Lidocaine. It is best to inform your doctor about your allergies. You can also opt for a topical anesthetic or a numbing cream.

The Procedure

It can be done at your doctor’s clinic or even in the comfort of his or her office. It is similar to the process dentists do before the procedure. A topical or local numbing agent may be applied first. Areas over your lips are marked, and the filler will be later injected using very fine needles. During the procedure, you may feel a little pain and swell on your lips. Ice will be given to soothe your discomforts. 

Rugged exercises or any activity that can increase blood flow are not allowed for the next 24 hours. Avoid putting on lipsticks and other lip products also.

Once healed, your lips should feel natural.