How Acupuncture Can Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Stress has already become a part of our daily lives. Although small amounts of stress can be beneficial, more extended periods of it may lead to situations with adverse consequences, like anxiety and even depression. Good thing that many providers of acupuncture syracruse ny can help with your stress relief.

It is a Very Straightforward Method

The therapy involves a well-trained acupuncturist that will inquire about your health history and examine your body. They will examine your tongue, pulse, and other physical aspects depending on your health. After that, they will create a treatment plan that is unique according to your health condition.

The acupuncturist checks the acupressure points and stimulates them so that there would be little to no discomfort. The needle would be left on your body for half an hour, and then it will be removed. Customers have found relief after their treatment. They also felt a lot more relaxed than before.

It Creates Balance in Your Nervous System

A study regarding the treatment showed that the heart rate variability improved after acupuncture sessions. It has helped many patients by improving their health conditions as well as their mental conditions. The study also looked at heart diseases, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and muscle pains. All of which showed positive results.

The dosage of acupuncture is critical in helping the patients feel better. The frequency and duration of the treatment are some of the things that should be considered.

It Does Not Make Use of Drugs and Chemicals

Most doctor-prescribed medicines have steroids and drugs to treat the pain, which leads to many side effects. Compared to these medications, acupuncture is a lot safer and entirely drug-free, making it more effective.

Another study in Georgetown showed how acupuncture has the same calming effects as the common anti-depressant drugs. Acupuncture can also be a complementary path to other treatment plans to help reduce their side effects. Some patients claimed that the treatment worked faster compared to other therapies they tried.

There is no harm in trying acupuncture as long as they are certified to perform it. If you are under a depression or stress treatment, you can consider putting acupuncture with your current treatment plan. For the best-certified acupuncturist, you can ask acupuncture syracruse ny.