The Tasmania Australia Open

If you considering traveling to Australia, perhaps you should take a trip to Tasmania, where the Australian Open Tennis Championships are played. It is one of the states within Australia, and has been providing a wonderful, exciting, and relaxing time for many individuals. It is located off the southern coast of Australia’s mainland, and has a population of about five-hundred thousand. The greatest thing you should take note of is the fact that Tasmania is literally untouched by humans. Most of the population either lives in the capital, Hobart, and reserves. This means that there is a huge island and state of unimaginable proportions that you can hike, climb, raft, and explore.

Whether you want to have a relaxing time, gamble in the casinos, or adventure through the wildlife, you will love Tasmania. You can enjoy the huge and challenging mountains, climbing them and having lunch on top with a fantastic view. If you wanted to canoe or kayak through a river, you can easily. It is common for many visitors to do a variety of different events within an entire day! Usually people plan one day for one activity when going on vacations, but because everything in Tasmania is so close to each other, it will be easy to fulfill multiple activities with a day.

In Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, you can enjoy historic tours – discovering the culture and historic value of the city. You can participate in gambling and amazing food at one of the many world-class casinos. You could shop the many huge malls and stores. You could even go diving a few miles from the city!

If you have the desire to pick up your golfing bag and play a quick eight-hole game, you have the freedom to do so, with some of the greatest and most challenging gold courses across the globe. Looking over the ocean as you swing your golf club gives you a sense of freedom and relaxation unlike anything you could imagine.

Just make sure you look for the appropriate method of transportation and ensure you are getting the best available rates. You want the trip to be enjoyable from beginning until the end, even when you first get on that plane. If it is just you or your significant other, why not spend an extra hundred bucks or so and invest in first class tickets. It may seem expensive, but being crowded on a twenty-four hours plane ride is not something you want to experience. It is best to go with an airline you know you can trust and feel comfortable in.

Tasmania is certainly a vast state within Australia that has a variety of different activities you can do. It is untouched by humans in many areas, meaning it is an excellent destination if you want to experience nature at its finest. Make sure you make a quick trip into Hobart though! You will want to experience the urban environment and activities it has to offer too. You will more likely than not end your vacation wishing you have another week or two to enjoy the area.

Poker Tournament Scrolls

PokerStars tournament scrolls demand much of your time and also skills, courage and discipline is required than any other type of games that are simple to play. When players engage themselves to play a tournament in the poker stars scroll room, they have to play a certain amount of fee to the room they are in and also pays a fee normally called a buy-in which goes to the game. All the participants in the poker game will be given the same amount of chips that they are going to start with and they will continue to play the game as long as they still have chips left.

A player who wins all the chips is the one who is pronounced the winner of the game. The players are ranked in this way: the last player who gives out his chips last is placed in the second position, and the next to him placed third. When players play a mini tournament, there are three different types of prices that are to be won and in the big tournaments you can have lots of prizes. In tournaments you will risk much less and that is what you buy-in and this is an added advantage to you. Most poker rooms have quite a number of freeroll tournaments each day with real money to be won. You can download a list of all the freeroll tournaments here.

Comparing the winning strategy to other regular poker games we realize that there is a big difference. For example if we take a closer look at Q-Q, it is worth a raise in any regular game, but in tournaments this might sometimes not be played. Other lines which are marginal like Q-To and K-To, can act as raising hands to tournaments. The first rounds of poker tournaments, the game stakes are low almost corresponding to the regular game but there is a reason for this. The first thing you have to do is creating a tight image as the stakes tend to increase in value with speed and a tight image can help you get interest pay back.

The second thing you need to know is that if you lose a chip in a tournament its much worth more than that which has been won. You should hence avoid profitable hands and this can include A-To, K-To and Q-To and also J-To, Q-Jo, K-Jo and A-Jo. You need to know that the small pocket pairs with the suited connectors will only get to be played if they have higher pot odds. Sometimes they can win little and other times the winning can be great.

When you reach the final round that has about 3-4 people you are playing with, the condition of the game will have already changed and you must have new strategies. The pocket card value would have changed, the stakes go up and fear becomes a tactical weapon you can use and thirdly because the stake has increased some of the people may only have chips to be used in one hand. What you are required to do is give time to each other for the knock outs. Poker is an amazing game to play and if you have the strategies right you can win big.

More Tennis Betting Advice from the Pros

Tennis can be one of the most profitable sports to bet on if you know what you’re doing. Many surveys have been taken by online betting forums and most of them have come up with the answer that sports handicappers find tennis to be the easiest sport to bet on. The reason why most handicappers prefer betting on tennis is because the competition is really spread out. In most sports any team can win on a given day, but in tennis you rarely see the best players lose until the later rounds in tournaments.

The good thing about tennis betting is that you won’t be able to bet on it everyday which should help you from going broke. You don’t need to bet on every tennis match in order to be profitable. The handicappers that bet on only the matches they feel they have an edge in typically win the most money. In sports like the NBA and NHL a lot of people go broke betting on games every night even when they don’t have an edge. Most sportsbooks like will allow you to bet on all of the major tournaments around the world although some matched might not have odds if it’s really lopsided. If you’ve never bet on tennis before and you’re a little unsure about what you need to look for, you should read our tennis betting tips below.

* The first thing that I want you to be prepared for is the amount of juice you can expect to pay in you’re betting on heavy favourites. Check out the latest poker schedules to see full listings of the juice you can expect to pay. If Nadal is playing a match against an unranked opponent then you can expect to find tennis betting odds in the -500 – -1000+ range depending on how the public is betting the match. With odds like that you’re going to need to lay a big amount of money on the game in order to make anything significant. If you have the bankroll to take advantage of mismatches then I recommend it, but if you’re betting on a budget then you should look for match-ups where the public is more in the middle.

* If you’ve never handicapped a tennis match you need to follow these few simple rules. Initially you need to look-up the stats on the two players in the match. The most significant stats are the player’s most recent results and any head-to-head results from previous events. Once you’ve done that you should find out what type of tennis court the match will be played on. You might not think that the court matters much, but some players historically play bad on certain types of court surfaces.

* Some tennis players like Andy Roddick will play in tournaments with nagging injuries rather then sitout for the event. The problem with betting on these match-ups is that you don’t know how the player is going to perform. On one hand the player could come out and play well even with the injury, but on the other hand you need to worry about the injury being too much for the player to overcome. Generally I’ll avoid these matches and try to find a better one of the board for that day.

The Future of Tennis, or a Gorilla in Shorts?

Rafael Nadal is one of the most popular tennis players in the world. We may say that his crowning moment was his defeat of tennis legend Roger Federer. However, many tennis devotees gripe at Nadal’s current fame and high ranking, saying he does not really deserve top status. People may ask how anyone can say this, since Nadal scored his way to the top fair and square.

Actually, Nadal naysayers do not ground their objections in theories that the champion from Mallorca is a cheat. Rather, they cite his flawed technique and comparatively awkward carriage during game play. He is a stark contrast to, well, Federer. Federer is known for his near-perfect form, as well as for his victories. He is the sort of player who enchants even his opponents with his grace on the court. Nadal, on the other hand, pummels opponents with sheer speed and force. The next time you watch footage of Nadal beating an opponent, take a look at the “other guy” as he leaves the court. He is likely to look shaken and overwhelmed by what he has just survived.

In other words, arguments about Nadal and how good he “really” is are, at bottom, also arguments about how tennis players are and should be evaluated. One the one hand, we can say that the scoring system was designed to objectively evaluate players against one another. Players are awarded with points whenever they achieve the object of the game, which is to make the ball land on the opponent’s side of the court, or to force the opponent to make the ball land outside your own area. Graceful technique, while a bonus, is not the object of the game.

On the other hand, there are those who think that points and prizes alone do not make a player “the best.” Federer has the best style, so he is better than Nadal despite his loss. Interestingly, Nada himself seems to agree with this view. Even after he beat Federer, he still maintained that the Frenchman was the best tennis player in the world.

There is yet a third view that falls somewhere in between the two abovementioned perspectives. Generally, people with this view think technique is very important when evaluating players. However, instead of counting Nadal’s style (or lack thereof) against him, they uphold him as an exciting maverick.

Wherever one happens to stand in the Nadal debate, one probably found new fodder for discussion after Colombian recording artist Shakira cast him in a recent music video for her song “Gypsy” (Spanish title “Gitana”). Parallels can be drawn between Nadal and another controversial tennis figure: Anna Kournikova, who starred in an Enrique Iglesias video. Arguably, Kournikova is better-known for her looks than for her prowess on the court. Nadal is also considered somewhat of a heartthrob, so does his new career move mean that he should be taken less seriously as a an athlete?

It is clear that Nadal will continue to be a major figure in tennis, and also in global pop culture in general. However one feels about him, one cannot ignore him and the implications his career has for the future of tennis.

Looking ahead to Wimbledon

After Roger Federer won the French Open, Pete Sampras, the man he tied with the most grand slam titles at 14, came out and said Federer is the greatest to ever play the game. How can you argue when the one man you’d make a case for sides with the opposition? Maybe Sampras faced stiffer competition when he played on, maybe not. But one thing Pete never captured was the elusive clay triumph at the French Open. So as we march on into the heart of the tennis season, is there any doubt Federer should be the guy you put money behind with Wimbledon right around the corner?

Here’s one statistic you should be aware of right out of the gate. Between 2002 and 2008, Federer won 65 straight matches on grass, including five Wimbledon titles in a row. On the other side of the fence, but equally as impressive, he’s only lost 12 best-of-five matches since earning the No. 1 ranking in the world. Guess who eight of those losses have been against? Yep.

Running June 22-July 5, Wimbledon is arguably the most prestigious of all the grand slam victories, although for legends like Sampras and Federer, the easiest to attain. While that may affect the poker on line money line, it shouldn’t affect your gambling decisions. Federer is still the safest play this side of the overhead lob.

You figure Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will be the stiffest competition (even with Nadal’s knee issues, I see him as being in the thick of the competition), and here’s the only wrench I’d throw into the Federer party this early. If all three of these superstars make it to the semi-finals, two of them are going to face off before the final round. Depending on the seeding (when taking into account where hometown boy Andy Murray will fall), if Federer has to face either of these two in the semi’s, even if he gets the win, they’ll offer strong competition, and might wear the “greatest” down a little before the other can take a stab at him in the final round.

So, are we primed for another tennis betting epic Nadal/Federer showdown? If we are, Federer is still the better bet, but depending on the payoff from Nadal, he’s worth consideration. His incredible energy can elevate his game to the very limits of his equally inspiring talent, and he shouldn’t be dismissed, especially since he’s had more success against Federer on Poker Stars than anyone else. And don’t forget it’s Nadal, not Federer, that currently carries the #1 ranking.

If it’s a Nadal/Federer final, expect a -300 Federer to +210 Nadal line, or something similar. If it’s Federer against the field, that opens up to at least -350.

U.S. Open

With one of the biggest tennis betting tournaments of the year in full swing, we’re getting an idea of who’s looking good so far and who you should avoid betting if you haven’t done so already.

Federer, of course, went into his second-round matchup against Simon Greul as a huge favorite (-50000 to +3000). You get chills when you think about that one time in a blue moon Roger might suffer the huge upset, and all your money goes down the drain with it. For that reason and the diminished returns, it usually doesn’t make sense to bet the heavy favorites until at least the semi-finals (or before the tournament begins as a straight shot to take the title). It’s not going out on a limb or anything, but Federer will be there in the finals, and even if he meets up with a streaking Andy Murray, he’ll fight his way to being the champ again.

Here’s the wild card that should be on everyone’s radar, Nadal. He made short work of Full Tilt’s Gasquet, something he would’ve done healthy anyway. The question, though, is will his knee hold up when he really gets put to the test? And your guess is as good as the next gambler’s, so it’s all about weighing the line and the risk/return. If Nadal still commands too much of a heavy favorite tennis odds line, especially when he gets into the quarterfinals and further, I’d be extremely cautious before laying down any huge bets. Somebody out there is salivating at the prospect of making a name for himself by escorting Nadal out of the tournament. You often hear that line “even a Nadal at 80 percent is better than most of the players on tour,” well he’s got a huge target on his back right now regardless of what percentage he’s at. On the other side of the coin, though, if his knees do hold up, look for the risk/return to be well worth the investment if he gets to the semis. It will likely be considered an upset if he tops Federer or Murray, who also happens to be sponsored by PokerStars, but he certainly has the talent and hunger to get the job done. He’s also proven himself on hard court enough to know he’s comfortable with the movement and brimming with confidence with early victories right now.

Home and Away on the Basketball Courts – A tale of two teams

Although one could argue there are a ton of stats that are important to consider when betting on basketball, looking at a team’s performance at home and on the road could well be the most important statistic a basketball bettor can rely on. Many individual teams appear to be two entirely different squads when they play at home than they are on the road when looking at the numbers. When a team demonstrates a Jekyll and Hyde type of personality, a basketball bettor is wise to bet according to their personalities.

Sure, it is natural for a team to perform worse when on the road than they do on their home court. However, a good team’s record will deviate minimally when they are on the road. In the 2008-2009 NBA basketball season, the world champion Los Angeles Lakers possessed a 36-5 record on their home court, while dropping twelve and winning twenty-nine on the road. The San Antonio Spurs lost only two more away games than they did home games in the same season. When compared to teams such as the Dallas Mavericks, who were 32-9 at home and 18-23 on the road, or the Sixers (24-17 home, 17-24 away), there is a huge difference.

The public expects good teams to play well regardless of the venue. Additionally, when fans see their team win regularly at home, they expect the same results on the road. For most teams, this is not the case. Teams like the Spurs demonstrate consistency regardless of whether they are home or away. The Sixers and the Mavericks, both of which made the playoffs and had at least .500 records, are a tale of two teams.

When the Spurs played at home during the 08-09 season, they averaged 97.9 points per game. On the road, they scored an average of 96.2. The difference in their average score was less than two points between their home and away games. By comparison, the Mavericks netted an average of over 106 points per game on their home floor. On the road, their offence produced nearly ten points less on average, as they managed to score an average of 97.3 points when on enemy court. The difference in the points the Mavs put up in home vs. away games is often the entire point spread for even the most lopsided of NBA match ups. When a team plays well on their home court but poorly when on the road, often it is profitable to follow these teams, bet them at home, and bet against them when they are on the road.

ACLCS: Game 3

I’m excited about the ALCS. The two teams that deserve to be there are there. The Yankees are the powerhouse of a few years ago returning to glory, and the Angels are the powerhouse of the past few years who have yet to get over the hump. Both teams are disciplined and win the right way.

Jered Weaver, who pitched game 2 against the Red Sox, will take the mound for the Angels in Game 3 and face battle-tested veteran Andy Pettitte. Andy was solid in his one game pitching against the Twins, giving up just 1 earned run in more than six innings of work. His overall numbers for the season were average, especially for being in the Yankees, and you do have to wonder about age vs. experience at this point in the playoffs with a guy like him. Still, he knows how to win. Is there anyone else on their staff right now you’d want with the ball in his hand in a big game?

Weaver, likewise, was a start in Round 1. He matched the one earned run, but over 7.1 innings, and K’d seven in the process. Weaver had four complete games this season, two of which were shutouts. He knows how to keep the ball on the ground and force the Yankees to make a play on the bases.

I’m guessing the line will be very tight, perhaps slightly in the Angels favor. -115 Angels, +110 Yankees. And depending on whether they can manage a split in New York, the Angels will have incredible drive to go up on the series when they return home, or prevent themselves from falling further into an 0-3 hole. The Yankees know all about those.

Playoff baseball is usually pitcher-driven by this point, and the over/under in the sports betting world will reflect that. I’d be comfortable taking the over here, though, as it might be too adjusted, and I think both offenses are clicking to the point where you’ll see a few runs on both sides.

New York Jets

The New York Jets started off the season with a perfect 3-0 record and everyone was talking about how the Jets were looking unbeatable. Fast forward a few weeks and the Jets are now sitting with a 4-3 record and are second place in the AFC East behind the New England Patriots. The Jets had such a promising start to the season, but now they are barely in the playoff picture. In order for the Jets to make the playoffs this season they’re going to need to go back to playing simple football.

In the first few weeks of the season the Jets played simple football and it paid off with wins. The Jets outscored their opponents 64-33 in the first three games. A lot of this had to do with the defence playing amazing, but it also had to do with the Jets playing smart on the offence. The past few weeks we have seen the Jets move away from what works and it has cost them some games. Overall this season the defence has played pretty solidly minus one game against Miami, but the offence has been struggling lately.

With Brett Favre gone from the Jets this year they brought in a rookie QB by the name of Mark Sanchez. If you didn’t know who Mark Sanchez was before the season started you definitely know who he is now after the online footbSall betting season now. Sanchez played pretty good football the first few weeks by keeping things simple on the offence. Since then Sanchez has been anything but consistent. He has been turning the ball over a lot more lately and it is costing his team dearly at this point. There has been some speculation about whether or not Sanchez should sit for a bit so the Jets can try and salvage their season. I personally think that Sanchez needs the experience and that the Jets should keep him in for the entire season so that he can be better for next season.

One thing that the Jets were missing most of the early part of this season was a WR. They have since added a number one receiver by the name of Braylon Edwards, but it hasn’t quite worked out yet. Braylon had a huge first game for the Jets on Monday night, but since then he hasn’t done that much really. Thomas Jones and Leon Washington have been making sure the Jets offence keeps the ball as long as possible. Between the two of them they have combined for a total of 931 yards. Jones already has 7 TD’s himself as well, but Washington has yet to get a TD under his belt. The Jets have the #1 rush game in the league thus far and if they want to make a push for the playoffs they will need to continue running the ball down the throat of their opponents.

We already know that the Jets defence has been performing great this year and they shouldn’t really be a question mark heading into the second half of the season. The Jets main concern right now should be whether or not Sanchez is ready for the NFL odds. He has been doing great considering this is his rookie season, but we all know that QB’s in the NFL don’t get that much time to prove themselves.

Why play online blackjack?

BlackJack is one the most popular casino games, being played across the world. The combination of a game of luck and certain elements of chance make it the favorite casino game for many gamblers at party poker.

With the advent of the internet, gambling reached a new era, the online casinos allowing gamblers to play from the privacy of their own homes. In fact, the main advantage of playing online black jack is anonymity: for the blackjack site you represent just a betting value and an IP address. No one else knows that you play blackjack.

Being able to play from the comfort of your own home is great for developing your blackjack strategy: it’s hard to focus on the game in the noise of a land-based casino, but if you’re at home, you can listen to your favorite music while playing your favorite casino game.

Another reason to play blackjack online is that it is generally safer. There are risks with online transactions, too, like if your computer gets hacked, but generally, it is much safer than carrying around cash for playing at a land-based casino.

Some websites like allow you to play for free, to be able to master the game before you make a deposit and play for real money. This is not possible in a brick and mortar casino, where you will likely lose some money before you know the game well enough.

Online casinos are cheaper to run because it costs a lot to build an upkeep a land-based casinos. That’s why, when you sign up for playing blackjack, they are able to offer you many bonuses (such as 100% of the first deposit), something which is unseen at brick and mortar casinos.

You can play online blackjack at anytime: it’s available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you can play it during a break as a way to relax in your own home. You don’t need to go many hundred miles to play it and you’ll save a lot of money you’d otherwise spend to go to places like Las Vegas.

Some casinos also offer live blackjack, which allows you to play your favorite game with a real live dealer. This is an excellent option for people who like to play with a real cards deck and not get the cards generated randomly by a computer.

Online casinos offer far more variety than any city may offer: each casino website may offer many variants of blackjack and there are hundreds of casinos from which to choose from.

The fact that your decisions actually affect your chances of winning makes blackjack one of the most fun casino games at Whether you play it for entertainment or for trying to get lucky, you’ll have a great time.