Swazi Gold: A Strain For The Cannabis Connoisseur


Cannabis experts know that you have to be mindful of its origin and effect. So, in this article, you are going to discover how a connoisseur views this strain and as it can be a helpful guide for starters.

Swazi Gold Smoke

Its property shows that Swazi Gold is composed of a hundred percent sativa strain. In case you want to ask, cannabis connoisseurs consider this one as an authentic all-time classic. Well, you will believe such a commendation as you experience the fragrant and heavy pine and citrus effects of the plant. Amazingly, its buds burst with a vibrant and fresh aroma. The cannabis offers rich, sweet, and fruity taste when burned. Yes, it leaves zesty aftertaste when you exhale. Its complexity intensifies and guarantees satisfaction for the user.

Swazi Gold Effects

If you want to experience the high, you just have to take a few hits and get the best experience. It is a fast-acting hit that delivers euphoria that you will feel positive uplifting and throbbing. The strain has a big reputation for people who are adventure seekers, active people. It’s also a good thing for those who adore quality cannabis to use when they are busy. In medical circles, the strain is excellently prized for treating anxiety, depression, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, and appetite loss.

Swazi Gold Growing

With an 18% mark of THC concentration, the strain is potent enough but is not overpowering compared to other strains available. This is the reason why it has become an excellent weed base for a lot of new-gen hybrids. The plant has the potential to reach 300cm height when given the appropriate care. It’s recommended to anticipate and set specific measures before starting to grow such a strain.

If you got a space to do the job, you may expect an 800g harvest every square meter. One of the things to expect when growing this strain is the resilience of the plant. It even outstands harsh conditions when they were grown on mountain regions. When you have a lot of patience, flowering duration may let you wait for 55 to 85 days and even more. However, once you yield the buds, those are a big reward.

Swazi Gold Characteristics

Here is a quick summary of Swazi Gold characteristics:

  • The strain type is a hundred percent sativa. 
  • It reaches up to 300 centimeters.
  • The THC component is about 18%
  • It grows either indoor or outdoor
  • The yield is around 800g per square meter.
  • Indoor flowering duration is 55 up to 85 days
  • Outdoor flowering duration starts later October or early November
  • Has euphoric effect with 100% happiness, 95% euphoria and 40% relaxation


These are what a connoisseur experiences from having this strain. So if you are planning to be an expert user to get your utmost benefits, then never hesitate to do the right things and be one.

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